Melting and Casting Workshop

The final aim of Melt-casting Workshop is produce aluminum stickly which fit in our need. There is one program. Smelting→ Foundry→ Saw stick→ Uniformity→ Cooling, Wash→ Storehouse。

1、Melt-casting Workshop

Smelting Program:

Stove→Melt→Whisk tile melt entirely→Add scrap→Melt→Add scrap→melt entirely→Dust Covering flux & Flux for removing dross→Removing dross→Whisk→Sampling、Analyze before stove→Al-Si(Sl-Cu,Cr) Add AL-Si(Sl-Cu)、Mg Mg ingot→Whisk→Sampling、Analyze after stove→Adjust component→Purify→Removing dross and cover→Long standing

2、 Foundry

3、 Material

4、 Uniformity

5、 Cooling,